Specifications B270 as Pdf-file
Pricelist as Pdf-file

Specifications B270 as Pdf-file

Pricelist B270 as Pdf-file

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                    PCE - TKT

Physical and chemical properties

               B 270 Superwite

B 270 Superwite is a clear high transmission crown glass
(modified soda-lime glass) available in form of sheets,
optical rods, profiled rods, strips and chain moulded rod.

    The subsequent properties are based primarily upon the measuring results of the very latest standards
    and measuring methods, which are defined in corresponding "Measuring and Test Procedures".
    We retain the right to change the data in keeping with the latest technical standards.
    Non-toleranced numerical values are reference values of an average production quality.

    Values marked with ◊ do not apply to the type of glass or no values are available.

white flashed opal glass